Thursday, September 6, 2007

Underrated Foods, as dictated by moi

This list will be added to over time.

original (4/24/07):
-> cupcakes: light, moist, and the perfect portion of cake-y goodness
-> milkshakes: anything with as much fat and sugar as ice cream in a drink form cannot be bad
-> cheese fondue: my current (and only) fav is jarlsberg and gruyere with crust french bread
-> pirogies: i usually don't like pasta-like foods, but this is an exception
-> grilled meat and seafood: breading is so unnecessary, let real flavors shine!

9/06/07 additions:
-> toast with honey (and butter, if you're feeling extra bad): warm, crunchy, sweet with a hint of honey's floral qualities
-> peanut butter: sneaking a spoonful at unusual times (like I did as a kid) is the perfect treat of salty, savory, creamy, peanut-y goodness
-> mozzarella cheese: amidst all my lust for pungent cheeses, i forgot the beauty of the simple, soft saltiness

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