Hi there. I'm Sara. As is evidenced by the oh-so-lovely photo above of me stuffing my face with cupcake-y goodness above, I'm a lover of food.

I started this blog in 2007 to have a place to share all the delicious foods I come across--whether in my own kitchen or someone else's.  The blog is named one teaspoon love, because great cooking and delicious meals come from individuals who really, truly, deeply *love* food.  It's that love, I think, that produces both respect for the ingredients being used and the attention to detail that transforms a bag of ingredients into an incredible meal.

This blog is a place for me to share my adventures in the kitchen (and occasionally elsewhere).  I try to challenge myself to bake, mostly because it's hard for me (i.e. totally contrary to my nature) to follow recipes strictly.  Still, those who know me well know I will always choose salty over sweet, so this blog features plenty of savory dishes too.  I try to eat locally and organically.  I am a seafood lover and eat meat occasionally (no pork ever though, sorry bacon lovers!).  I don't eat out often, but try to share photos from particularly fantastic restaurant meals, especially when traveling.  I have zero official culinary expertise, except maybe the year I spent studying abroad in Nice, eating ridiculous amounts of deliciousness (for example, see here, here, and here) and learning from the lovely Rosa Jackson.  Anyway, enough about me!  Check out the blog, leave me comments & tell me your thoughts, and enjoy!