Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bittersweet Goodbyes

I'll just state from the get-go, the point of this post is not to post a phenomenal recipe that I'm encouraging everyone to go try tomorrow. This time, I just want to share some photos (taken by Sadiqeh) of a lovely evening where me and some friends said goodbye to Jero. As usual, saying goodbye to someone you actually like that you only see every couple years is hard. Then again, this year was a bit easier, considering living in Nice will make me that much closer to Jero (who lives in Rotterdam) . For dinner we made pistachio and garlic crusted salmon, a delicious salad, and simple three-cheese tortellini in a butter sauce.

We got this salmon, pre-crusted from Whole Foods with pistachios and garlic. When we got home, I added a coating of sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper and olive oil before putting it in the oven.

My favorite part of the meal was probably this fresh, colorful salad that Sadiqeh constructed. It was a bunch of fresh baby spinach, topped with tiny orange tomatoes (what are these anyway? baby heirloom?), avocado slices, and strawberry slices, with a dressing of balsamic vinaigrette.

Trust me, saying goodbye is much easier when there is delicious food involved. No, you know what? Actually, ANYTHING is easier when there is delicious food involved!


Manggy said...

Aw, good luck to your friend (and you)! I'm sure a meal so delicious (... and Whole Foods? Swanky! Heh heh) would have softened the blow of leaving!

If/when I leave I just know I'll owe my friends a fantastic feast as well :/

Anonymous said...

Salam from Singapore! Got here from the daring bakers blog! Figured out you were muslim when you said that you didnt take alcohol and only eat halal meat!

Nice blog! Will add you in my favourite list!


Unknown said...

Seeing these pictures makes me want to eat my computer screen. Not only does it looks good, I can tell you that it tasted good as well. Really good.

So once again thanks for your (and of course also Sadiqeh's) excellent cooking!

See you in Europe ;)

Anonymous said...

The "baby" gold tomatoes are really called Sungolds, and are a heirloom cherry tomato. They're yummy, but we've been getting waaay too many in our CSA share.

Kee said...

That colourful salad looks gorgeous!