Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazing Brunch in DC: Creme on U Street

Last Sunday I had the most amazing brunch and I'm so excited to present you with the photos, dear readers. By the time I dragged myself downtown, I was on the prowl for some serious good eats. My friend David suggested Creme on U Street and I was excited to check it out because the menu looked so amazing. It was a bit crowded but definitely cozy and not excessively loud. We had such a great brunch and I will definitely be going back soon. I just wanted to post the photos and make a recommendation for anyone looking for a great, fresh brunch option in DC.

The Chesapeake: poached eggs on jumbo lump crab hash with Old Bay hollandaise (AMAZING!)

Wild Mushroom Benedict: wild mushrooms on English muffins w/ poached eggs & hollandaise

Lox & Bagel Benedict: poached eggs on toasted bagel with chive hollandaise

1322 U Street, DC
P: 202.234.1885


Dora said...

Good call on the Chesapeake-- though I'll take the wild mushroom. Light! Fresh! Delicious photos.

Anonymous said...

i didn't even read the post yet... i'm leaving a comment because the word verification is "rappity" hahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

I did read this earlier today and started laughing. I know just what you ordered, my love.

Crab cakes, anyone?

Who shows up? YOU! ;)

Next time I'm in DC, lets go here for brunch.