Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crumbs Bakery (NY)

Oh readers, I have a confession to make: I'm over cupcakes. I know, I know--blasphemy, right? I'm just sick cupcake shops popping up on every corner. I know lots of other DC-area folks echo my sentiments, we've had a particularly overwhelming influx of similarly mediocre cupcake shops recently. A good cupcake is nice and all, but I'd take a great bakery that has a variety of baked goods over another yuppie cupcake shop any day! Come on guys, a good cookie? A flaky cinnamon roll? A rich, dense brownie? Patisserie? All infinitely times better another measly cupcake!

I have heard about Crumbs Bakery many times from people from both New York and Los Angeles. Last time I was in New York, while I didn't plan to stop by, I happened to pass by (while mildly hungry), curiosity got the best of me and I had to just try one. I literally spent about 15 minutes trying to decide which one to get, and I ended up choosing pretty boring one: yellow cake with chocolate frosting and peanuts. Why so lame? The same reason I typically order a margherita pizza the first time I try a pizzeria.  If they can do the basics right, they know what's up.

So how was it, you ask? Meh. The cupcake itself was not too dry (a major pet-peeve), but it really lacked flavor. I know yellow cake isn't usually the flavor fest of the century, but it can still be delicious and tasty when done right. The top of the cupcake had more of a chocolate glaze or ganache in place of real frosting. Instead there was this white, frosting-like mixture in the middle of the cupcake. While it was fluffy, it was excessively sweet and an unwelcome surprise in the middle of the blandness of the yellow cake. Am I being a little harsh? Yes, but I take my cupcakes very seriously, especially when there are so many cupcake shops to choose from! At least now I know next time I walk by Crumbs, I should keep walking!

124 University Pl
(between 13th St &14th St)
New York, NY 10003
Subway: Union Sq/14th St.


Dora said...

Well, it looks good-- too bad it wasn't. :( I know your go for the basics philosphy, but... Yellow cake might be a basic, but in general, it's boring! Even when done well.

Yasmina said...

totally agree i hate that place

Manggy said...

Yikes! I didn't expect this to be a negative review! But yeah, cupcake shops are a total bore, no matter how many flavors. And "yellow" is not a flavor, lol :)

Sara said...

@Mark I know, I don't typically post a "review" of a place unless it's GOOD, but I had to warn people of this abomination! Plus, I wanted to show off the photos I took while walking, haha :)

PhillyGirl said...

Crumbs has definitely gone down hill.. A few years ago the Hostess cupcake was the bomb.. We went back in August and they just weren't the same.. But I still love Georgetown Cupcake and my son really liked the new Hello Cupcake in Clarendon so there's still some hope!

dolly said...

I hate cupcake......
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