Monday, May 21, 2012

When in Turkey: Eat Gözleme

Gözleme is a delicious Turkish treat that can function as a snack or a light meal.  It is made from thin leaves of hand-rolled dough which is baked on top of a warm iron griddle, topped with a variety of fillings (often involving some sort of cheese), and rolled up into a portable treat.  

Because the dough must be hand-rolled and then baked immediately, wherever gözleme is served you will see ladies (and the occasional men) sitting at these small tables, rolling out dough.  We stumbled upon this particular restaurant between geological sites in Cappadocia.  We chose one of the more traditional fillings, spinach and cheese.  The freshness of the spinach combined with the tangy cheese and the taste of the freshly-baked lavash-like bread was absolutely divine.

As with pide, there are some few places online that feature recipes for making gözleme at home.  Here are a few:

- Taste: Spinach and Feta Gozleme

- Binnur's Turkish Cookbook: Gozleme

- Cook Almost Anything: Gozleme 

If you ever make it to Turkey, don't miss out on the wondorous deliciousness that is gözleme.  And in the mean time, try making it at home!  (And let me know how it goes.)


Unknown said...

Nice gözleme and Look like freshly-baked lavash.

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Unknown said...

Gözleme looks great, finally I got a new option for my breakfast. Thanks for sharing this post.

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