Monday, December 1, 2008

Adventures in London!

France is the best place to study abroad. Unlike the US where attendance often counts towards some sort of participation grade, the French system (at least at the University of Nice) is dependent entirely upon exams. While that places increased pressure on the exams, it makes attending class entirely optional. Because of such, I used a quiet week in my schedule to take advantage of a cheap flight (70euros roundtrip, can you believe it? Thank you EasyJet!) and go visit Nayereh in London. I had never been before and became quite enamored with the city after only a few days. As if I needed any more convincing, the city had quite the wide array of culinary options. I plan on posting on most of them, so be on the look out for that. Other than stuffing our faces, we managed to get in quite a good bit of sight-seeing and museum-visiting.

Westminster Abbey

the Tower Bridge at night

the incredible lobby of the British Museum

ancient Persian pottery in the British Museum

a Louise Bourgeois spider in the lobby of the Tate Modern

a view of the Thames from the coffee bar of the Tate Modern

the fountains of Buckingham Palace

Green Park


Nayereh said...

Oh how lovely! Thanks Sawa.

Manggy said...

WAAAAH! If only it cost that little to get to London from here! How dare you make me sooooo jealous!!! :( Ha ha ha. Is Green Park the one just before Buckingham Palace? I love that area, it's so beautiful!