Monday, December 1, 2008

Iranian Food in London: Behesht

I first heard about Behesht first from an old friend who used to live in London. Then, someone (an Italian, mind you) went as far as to tell Nayereh it was the best restaurant in London. But when I coincidentally sat down next to an Iranian on my flight to London and he told me I couldn't miss it, I knew it would have to be one of my first meals in London.

We arrived after a bit of searching, it's not at all in central London. That said, the neighborhood was no where near as dodgey as some other areas I stumbled into accidentally throughout my trip. We knew we were getting close as we saw Iranians of all ages walk away from the restaurant towards the tube stop with expressions of pure contentment on their faces. When we got there (maybe a 10 minute walk from the Kensal Green stop), we were pleased to find the place was packed full of Iranians and non-Iranians alike. As the photograph above shows, the restaurant was full of really traditioanl Iranian tapestry and tilework and it was a real treat for me, not having been to Iran in over three years.

For an appetizer we ordered tadiq covered in ghormeh sabzi, a stew made with herbs, kidney beans and chunks of slow-cooked lamb. They topped it with some saffron rice, adding a little bit of sweetness to the yum-fest already going on. In the background is masteh moosir, a thick yogurt made with copious amounts of garlic.

Another amazing thing about Behesht was the prices. The dishes were between 5-7 pounds. Not bad, considering the mounds of rice, roasted tomato, and salad that accompany the kabob. And the food was incredible. Both Nayereh and I agreed that we have never had better Iranian food outside of Iran. The rice was soft and fluffy and both types of meat were tender and full-flavored. If you're planning a trip to London, I definitely recommend stopping by at Behesht if you're interested in having some really authentic Iranian food.

two skewers of minced lamb kabob

saffron-marinated bone-in chicken kabob


Manggy said...

Good food for £7 in London?!? Sign me up, I'm there!! :)

Nayereh said...

Oh, your blog makes me feel so fortunate to just hop and go at any second. it was delic.

Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly poor example of a persian restaurant in London; appauling service. I was shocked to see its owner and his son lead a pro- ahmadinejad demonstration in London recently (featured on the news) which I think says it all!!! I certainly don't want to line the pockets of these Hezbollah people. If you want a nice experience at a persian restaurant in London with great friendly service, I reccommend Sufi on Askew Road, Acton.

alireza77 said...

This resturant runs by people who suck iranians blood neda's & other students to an everyday lie! eating in this resturant is haram! shame on all you anti iranian people!
viva freedom & death to dictators!

alireza77 said...

marg bar in dolate mardom farib. eating in this resturant is haram to any iranian who seeks freedom from dictatorship of dirty mullahs! death to khameneyi & his bloody dictorship government ! viva free iran !

taz moles said...

this is the best persian restaurant in london this is official

Anonymous said...

This was the best iranian restaurant i have ever been too, it was amazing specially the service and the food, the price was just outstanding I'm defiantly going there again:-)
p.s: don't listen to anyone who says its rubbish