Friday, February 6, 2009

Thai Food at London's Busaba

A few minutes after I found Nayereh at the St. Pancras train station we were already talking about what to have for dinner. Busaba, one of Nayereh's favorite thai restaurants, was just a few stops away, near the Goodge Street tube stop. I have always been very skeptical of thai food because I just never met a thai dish that I really loved. Both Nayereh and I agree that neither of us have found any good (or even decent, really) thai restaurants in the DC area. That said, I'll admit I really enjoyed Busaba.

The always lovely Nayereh, skeptical of my photographing.

The menu featured many dishes that were packed with really fresh, bold flavors. Example? My yellow curry prawn was loaded with fresh basil in the dead of winter. But, Busaba is definitely about more than food---it's about ambiance. The restaurant maintains really snazzy decor, with a lot of dark wood paneling and mellow lighting. The main space of the restaurant is comprised of large tables and benches that seat up to 12 people. I like the idea of group dining, even (and especially) when the table is made up of perfect strangers. Despite it's sleek appearance, Busaba is definitely no-fuss. The seating is communal, the menu is simple (they don't even serve dessert!). Ultimately, I totally appreciated Busaba for what it was: simple, good food, swanky ambiance, and a perfect place to pop-in for a nice dinner.

fish cakes with cucumber-peanut relish

my prawn and yellow curry stir-fry

Nayereh's pandan chicken, wrapped in pandan leaf

22 Store Street
London, UK
Tube Stop: Goodge Street


Beyhan said...

Your comments about restaurants and food is awesome! How are you getting these terrific photos? When are you going to publish your cookbook? I've got some great Turkish family recipes...

Dora said...

These photos are just the best!

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