Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gelato at Dolcezza

In my last month in Nice, I was terribly distressed about the possibility of not having delicious gelato nearby. Thankfully, I came across a slew of good reviews for gelaterias popping up in DC, including Pitango (in the Washington Post) and Dolcezza (in the New York Times). Even though I have been excited about their existence, fear of disappointment has kept me away since I've been back. Dolcezza for example: their site immediately made me think that they take themselves too seriously. Look at the fancy schmancy photo in the "Gelato" section! In case I'm not being clear, I'm not interested in some trendy, bougie gelato shop with mediocre product. I want the real deal, with exciting flavors and reasonable prices. Last weekend my craving for cinnamon gelato became so intense that I told myself to suck it up and headed to the Dolcezza in Bethesda. They ended up not having cinnamon that day (yeap, they make new flavors every morning), but I was quickly consoled with the plethora of other flavor options. Dear readers, I was wrong about Dolcezza. Oh so very wrong. The gelato was magnificent--the type of thing that's so good it makes you want to throw down your spoon and belt out some opera. I had the Thai Coconut Milk and the Yellow Peaches & Cream and both were phenomenal. If you're on the look out for delicious gelato in DC, allow me to recommend to you Dolcezza. I'm hoping to try Pitango soon and when I do (never fear faithful readers), I'll keep you posted.

Saturday's flavors, including Blueberry Lemon Thyme and Blackberries & Cream.

Dolcezza also makes their own churros. These are stuffed with dulce de leche. Avec plaisir!

My flavor choices: Thai Coconut Milk and Yellow Peaches & Cream.

What could be more straightforward?


Nayereh said...

you're amazing.

Dora said...

As you co-expert on all things gelato, I would like to request a very serious taste testing asap. What is their gouter policy?

Hubert said...