Saturday, September 26, 2009

Karlynn's Incredible Blueberry Scones

I don't know why, but for many years scones and I did not get along. I don't know if it's just that I was consistently introduced to bad scones or what, but I always found them dry and lackluster. I'm not sure what changed, me or the scones, but within the last year or two I've fallen in love. There is just something about that perfect, buttery, crumbly pastry that brings a big, silly grin to the face, especially when accompanied by a cup of steaming coffee or tea.

The wife of one of my favorite professors passed away recently. Last week I wanted to do something nice for him and I decided on making scones. Karlynn's looked perfect, plus her step-by-step method was really helpful because this was my first scone-making experience. I stayed up late making them and even suffered a small burn on my arm! Lo and behold, the next day I arrived at school only to realize I had forgotten them at home. I was pretty disappointed at first, but then I started eating them, and after a couple, I felt muuch better. Yes, these scones are that good. I'll definitely be remaking them this weekend to actually give away this time.

I could post her recipe here, but her step-by-step photos are so darn nice, you should really get the recipe there: The Kitchen Magpie: Best Scones Ever.


krisztina said...

mmm... i wish i could be eating those right now for breakfast. and it's so nice of you to make them for your professor! hope you're having a good time at school, i miss you!

Manggy said...

Sara you are so sweet and thoughtful! I hope it did make him feel a little better :) I too had a scone-piphany when I was in the States recently- they can be good!

Dora said...

Soooo when is scones 2.0 happening?? I volunteer my taste-testing skills! :)