Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pitango: Organic Gelato in Dupont Circle

A few weeks ago, after a visit to the National Museum of Women in the Arts to see their Frida Kahlo, the lovely Dora and I finally checked out Pitango. After lamenting the dearth of good gelato in our area (Dolcezza excluded), we were desperate for something good. I'm happy to report that Pitango did not disappoint. Unfortunately for me, the two flavors I was looking forward to, Creme Fraiche and Cinnamon, were not offered that day. I have since called, and they told me I can look forward to them in a few weeks (apparently they are seasonal, autumn-only flavors). Another downside to Pitango is the gelato is in these metal tins so you can't see the flavor before you taste it. This doesn't matter for most flavors, but for some it's crucial (mango for example, should be a deep orange color, not pale yellow). I decided on Almond and Mango Sorbet. The almond was fantastic! I normally don't like Almond-y flavors because they taste too much like marzipan (ew!), but this one tasted like pure delicious almonds. I was less wild about the mango. The flavor was pretty subtle and I definitely would have preferred a mango punch in the face.

Dora chose Dark Chocolate Orange and Concord Grape Sorbet. The Dark Chocolate Orange was sublime. The grape was fairly good, in that it tasted like real grapes, but it was nothing to write home about (especially when compared with the Raisin Framboise at Arlequin in Nice). Ultimately we concluded that their creamy flavors are infinitely better than their fruity ones. However, more tests will have to be conducted in order to validate this hypothesis. As always faithful readers, I will keep you posted!

Pitango Gelato
1451 P Street NW
Washington DC
Other locations in Baltimore & Reston


Manggy said...

It doesn't compare to the one in Nice! You're such a jetsetter Sara ;) I do think that Dora got the better cup (well, it's got chocolate), but only cos the mango wasn't as mango-y as it should have been :/

Unknown said...

that looks so good ...