Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Norouz Chez Moi

Welcome to the year 1390, y'all! You didn't think I had forgotten about my annual Norouz post, did you? In 2008, we celebrated with a Dorie Greenspan cake, made Norouz-appropriate with the addition of fig jam and ground walnuts. In 2009, we celebrated Norouz abroad with traditional sabzi polo mahi. Alright, so maybe I forgot all about it in 2010...minor detail. I don't have any recipes to post, but I wanted to post these photos of our festivities and the traditional foods prepared by my mother. Enjoy!

sabzi polo, herbed rice made with a mixture of parsley, cilantro, chives, and dill

the mahi (fish) component of sabzi polo mahi, local rockfish  

kuku, an herbed frittata made with the leftover sabzi

 our haft-sin: sib (apple), sumac, senjed (dried oleaster fruit), sir (garlic), serkeh (vinegar),  sabzeh (sprouted lentils), and sonbol (hyacinth) 


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