Thursday, May 3, 2012

When in Turkey: Eat Pide

Pide is one of turkey's most ubiquitous street foods.  A dough similar to pizza dough is rolled into a canoe shape and stuffed with all sorts of delicious things––tomatoes (pictured), shredded chicken, minced beef or lamb––and topped with fresh parsley and sometimes an egg.  Pide is a quintessential Turkish street food, and it's perfect for a quick snack when strolling through busy streets or markets.

Pide is often served with spices and seasonings that vary depending on the locale in question, but where pide is sold, a bowl of hot chili pepper flakes is almost always near by.

In case you haven't gotten the memo by now, pide is a lovely snack.  It can be light or more filling depending on its toppings, but it always involves bright, fresh flavors.  Thanks to the work of some wonderful bloggers, you don't have to travel to Turkey (or Turkish Restaurants) to taste pide.  Here are a few recipes:

Rice & Wheat: Pide (Turkish Pizza)

Fork Spoon Knife: Turkish Pide

Give Recipe: Pide Stuffed with Beef

I plan on trying one of these out soon and as always, faithful readers, I will keep you posted.


Rosa said...

Oh, I want this now! Lovely pictures Sara! Good to see you are still blogging... I have been neglectful in both blogging and catching up on others' blogs.

Buy Condoms said...

Thanks to the work of some wonderful bloggers,and Nice for reicipie.....